On Masculinity, Part 1 of 2


The below is the first half of a 2 part series on masculinity, toxic and healthy.

I aspire to masculinity, but I recognize that there has been a corruption of the ideal which leads people to do sick things. Because of this, I was inspired by a brother (thank you Brendan, whose own wonderful and insightful writings can be found at https://www.facebook.com/Acratophorus-865039256875008/ or https://www.greatnoontide.com) to examine Masculinity, both it’s healthy and unhealthy manifestations.

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Coming Out as a Shamanic Experience.

Coming out, for some, means making the decision to be true to who you are despite the possible loss of everything in your world. It is being willing to leap the void, and it is valuable training for the creation of the truest art.

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