On the intrinsic nature of rights

Human rights are neither granted not revoked, but merely recognized. This is because of the very nature of those rights, which is intrinsic to the human experience, as much a part of us as physical health or spiritual and emotional wellness, both of which can be in a greater or lesser state of health, but never the less are ideally fully functional.

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Contra Crowley: Family as essential to Self

Ancestral power and the immediate family (penned August 2014) 

We, as Thelemites, claim to be seeking to reach the smooth point, to become perfectly interconnected with all things through the exaltation of (as opposed to the repression of) the individual. Because of this, we often preach the primacy of the individual over and *separate from* the family or community. I propose that the family is our primary link to the universal and transcendent; That rather than trying to break from the family, we must learn to understand the family through a different lens, while still very actively engaging with them and their effect on our life. To deny our family is to deny and ignore our own genesis and a large portion of ourselves…. And self denial sounds both anti-Thelemic, and just plain unhealthy.  

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