Memento Mori

A while back I was speaking to a Brother (in the truest sense, beyond blood or titles conveyed by anyone except he who refers to a man so) about life and examining the lessons of the lesser mysteries. I mentioned that the lessons on death are beautiful, but some people forget the certain and irrefutable truth of what happens after you die.

My Brother was incredulous, knowing me not to be of a literalist understanding of the Holy scriptures. He knew I was setting him up for something, but being a better gentleman than myself, proceeded to bite and allow me my hubris in presentation.

What I can tell you for certain about the events after your death is this:

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On Masculinity, Part 1 of 2


The below is the first half of a 2 part series on masculinity, toxic and healthy.

I aspire to masculinity, but I recognize that there has been a corruption of the ideal which leads people to do sick things. Because of this, I was inspired by a brother (thank you Brendan, whose own wonderful and insightful writings can be found at or to examine Masculinity, both it’s healthy and unhealthy manifestations.

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We write to find ourselves, to see what we will have to read, after the pen has left it’s mark, and our mind beyond our mind has expressed itself. This we do in silence. But if we are brave, we share these ideas. We find those we trust, those we fear, those we love and those we hate, and we shoot forth our ideas to them. From the reaction of the world, we learn a little about our writing, a little about the world, and a little about ourselves and our appointed path.

There are a few things I’ve shared so often that I need a central repository, a place where I can put them, and try to assemble a reasonable whole, a concept which can stand on it’s own, outside my mind. This is primarily a place for that. It may also hold every ancillary thing that comes out of or leads toward that.

Old material comes first. The new will follow.