Ukemi and Ceremonial Initiation

Written 2013

Ukemi is the art of receiving. It is the means by which we make ourselves available so that another can learn their own art of movement. Initiation likewise, creates a canvas upon which the initiate can see and grave his own story.

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Coming Out as a Shamanic Experience.

Coming out, for some, means making the decision to be true to who you are despite the possible loss of everything in your world. It is being willing to leap the void, and it is valuable training for the creation of the truest art.

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We write to find ourselves, to see what we will have to read, after the pen has left it’s mark, and our mind beyond our mind has expressed itself. This we do in silence. But if we are brave, we share these ideas. We find those we trust, those we fear, those we love and those we hate, and we shoot forth our ideas to them. From the reaction of the world, we learn a little about our writing, a little about the world, and a little about ourselves and our appointed path.

There are a few things I’ve shared so often that I need a central repository, a place where I can put them, and try to assemble a reasonable whole, a concept which can stand on it’s own, outside my mind. This is primarily a place for that. It may also hold every ancillary thing that comes out of or leads toward that.

Old material comes first. The new will follow.